The Selah Approach

The Selah Leadership Program is rooted in the approach that by transforming leaders, we are better able to transform society. Over a period of six months, each Selah cohort brings approximately twenty people who play a significant leadership role in Jewish and non-Jewish social change organizations together for intensive leadership training, with ongoing learning throughout the program. Selah approaches this learning process on three levels: the individual, the institution, and the field and integrates personal development, organizational effectiveness, and collaboration skills.

  • Selah enhances individual capacity and capabilities to create widespread change. Selah's top-tier training helps leaders clarify their visions and hone the personal skills and strategies necessary to achieve them.
  • Selah provides​ a community space for Jewish People of Color where Jewish Leaders of Color can build deep, interdependent relationships with one another and advance support of their leadership inside and outside the Jewish community.
  • Selah supports ​and sustains leaders working to create a more just world. By better understanding themsleves and the landscapes in which they work, leaders can work more effectively for change and prevent burnout.
  • Selah fosters connections and community. After completing the Selah training, participants become members of the Selah Network, the only national forum of its kind where multiracial Jewish social change leaders can foster relationships, strategize, learn from one another, and find the support they need for their work over the course of their careers.