Jeremiah Fellowship

Applications for the 2020 Jeremiah Fellowship cohort are now closed. If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to Carrie Sterns, Jeremiah Fellowship Director at


The Jeremiah Fellowship is a leadership program for young adult Jews (ages 22-32) who want to mobilize their community to fight for progressive change. The Fellowship will be offered in 16 cities across the country from April to August, 2020.

In this moment of rising white nationalism, anti-immigrant xenophobia, and antisemitism, our democracy is under attack. Our country, and our Jewish community, stands at a crossroads. Will we stand by in silence? Or will we rise up, with the moral courage of our ancestors, to fight for a future where we are all safe?

The choice is clear and the time is now for a new generation to organize and win. That’s why Bend the Arc is investing in the leadership of young adult Jews all across the country who are rising to the challenge of this moment.

The Jeremiah Fellowship is a five-month intensive, experiential leadership training program in community organizing. Through issue campaigns and public action, fellows learn how to think strategically, mobilize their community, and foster public leadership.

The Jeremiah Fellowship will equip fellows to:

  • Build a volunteer leadership team in their city
  • Stand in solidarity with communities under attack to fight racist policies
  • Plan strategic public protests
  • Influence your elected officials

Fellows are part of a one-of-a-kind national program with 80 young Jewish organizers from 16 cities. They travel twice a year for in-person training from skilled organizers and activists, learn together through online sessions, receive individualized coaching tailored for your city, and attend Bend the Arc’s national conference.

This year's fellows are from:

Atlanta, GA | Austin, TX | Bay Area, CA | Cincinnati, OH | Houston, TX | Jacksonville, FL | Long Island, NY* | Los Angeles, CA | Louisville, KY | Memphis, TN | Milwaukee, WI | New Orleans, LA | Portland, OR | San Diego, CA

About Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice

Bend the Arc is a movement of over 125,000 progressive Jews across America who are working together to achieve our vision: to transform our country to be inclusive, equitable, and supportive of the dignity of every person across race, class, gender, and faith. We are the only national Jewish organization focused exclusively on social change in the U.S.

Jeremiah Fellowship alum David Bocarsly addresses a rally for Dreamers in Los Angeles

Jeremiah Fellowship alum David Bocarsly addresses a rally for Dreamers in Los Angeles in February 2018

*The NYC Chapter of Bend the Arc organizes in both Long Island and Riverdale. If you live in New York City and are interested in becoming a Jeremiah Fellow, please contact New York Organizer Kayla Glick at

The Jeremiah Fellowship is also offered in Washington, D.C. by Bend the Arc affiliate, Jews United for Justice. Go to Jews United for Justice's website to learn about the D.C. Jeremiah Fellowship.

  • “I became a Jeremiah Fellow because there’s a lot of opportunity in the times we live in today for Jews to use their resources and the diversity of our community to really affect social change.”

    “What I’ve found in a community that’s willing to empower us through our diverse life experiences to really become spokespeople for a wider effort that brings Jews of all types together to solve some of the most important issues of our time.”

    “Jeremiah has allowed me to situate my passions and my abilities and my interests in a wider community of Jews who believe in progress and change.”

    Danny Hom - Los Angeles 2018

  • “I became a Jeremiah Fellow because making change sounds scary, and nebulous. And I wanted to learn how to really do it.”

    “A highlight of my work with the Jeremiah Fellowship has been learning about relational organizing, building relationships with people, to create change together, and helping them develop their leadership as I develop mine.”

    Sarah Rogozen- Los Angeles 2018

  • “I wanted to become a Jeremiah Fellow to learn about the different ways to engage in local politics, and local justice work and community organizing, and keep the framing in Judaism and Jewish text that I’m learning in rabbinical school.”

    Jenna Shaw - Los Angeles 2018