Organizational Change Cohort (Organizations)


Project Shamash is inviting East Bay Jewish organizations to apply to become a part of its 18-month Organizational Change Cohort. Organizations wishing to apply must have an interest in racial equity on the organizational and communal level, be willing to undergo an organizational evaluation and work with trainers and other experts to craft a customized racial equity framework, and have opportunities and resources to bring on a cluster of JOC professionals to their staff and/or board.

Through this 18-month cohort experience, 1-2 executive team leaders from selected organizations will:

  • Participate in monthly seminars that explore how:
    • Bias, dominant culture and systemic racism influence organizational culture and the Jewish institution ecosystem. 
    • Jewish values inform the fight for racial justice and racial equity.
  • Participate in monthly individualized learning sessions. 
  • Undergo an organizational evaluation with the aim of crafting a customized racial equity framework.   
  • Engage in racial equity and organizational change work as part of a cohort. 
  • Be given necessary tools to support an organizational commitment to lifelong learning in the racial equity and anti-racist space. 

Program Overview

January 15 - March 15, 2021:
Applications for Organizational cohort experience are open
July 2021:
Welcome Program
August 2021-November 2022:
Monthly cohort learning sessions
December 2022:
Closing Program

Any questions about Project Shamash can be directed to Analucía Lopezrevoredo, Senior Director, at