What is the Selah Network?

Upon completion of the six-month training program, Selah participants become members of the Selah Network. While Cohorts, 14, 15, 16, and 17 are dedicated to Jewish Leaders of Color, the intention of our Selah Network is one of multiracial Jewish community. The Selah Network consists of over 300 members and is a place to foster relationships, strategize, learn from one another, and find the support leaders need for their work over the course of their careers. Every few years, the entire network is invited for multi-day training to re-engage with Selah practices and learn with Selahniks from different cohorts. In addition, there is an intention to create opportunities for regional gatherings for the Network that will provide relationship building beyond the cohort and network gatherings. Since and during our current pandemic, there have been virtual engagement opportunities for the Network.