What is the core focus of my work as a Fellow?

Each Jeremiah Fellow puts their skills and values into action by participating in a Bend the Arc campaign or issue area. Within that context, Fellows can choose their focus depending on the skills they want to develop and/or the issue they are most compelled to work on.

For example, Johana Finetti (Fellow 2011 - 2012) joined the campaign selection team to help her Bend the Arc region research and select a new campaign. As a public school teacher who was personally impacted by the State of California's budget shortfall, she had a particular interest in taxation. As part of the campaign selection team, Johana helped turn this problem into an actionable campaign and helped develop a group of leaders to work on it. At the final campaign selection event, Johana presented the Progressive Taxation for the Common Good campaign, which was selected as Bend the Arc's next campaign. After graduating from the Jeremiah Fellowship, Johana has continued to be a key leader in the Progressive Taxation campaign, and joined Bend the Arc's Bay Area Regional Council. Read about Johana's experience as a Jeremiah Fellow in her own words.

Joel Abramovitz (Fellow 2011 - 2012) was moved by what he learned about the criminal justice system as a Jeremiah Fellow. This new interest led him to write an article for the local Jewish press to engage the Jewish community and advocate for reforming the state's Three Strikes Law. After graduating from the Jeremiah Fellowship, Joel has continued to be engaged with Bend the Arc as a primary leader in the Progressive Taxation for the Common Good campaign, and has been involved with the Criminal Justice Reform campaign team since the campaign's launch this year.