Program Calendar


The 2021 Jeremiah Fellowship will consist of two concurrent cohorts, broken up by time zone. Cohort A includes all participants in the Eastern timezone. Cohort B includes all participants in the Pacific, Mountain, and Central timezones.

Sunday sessions and the retreat in January will be for all fellows across both cohorts. Weekday sessions will be specific to each group — see below for more details. 

Cohort A Cities
(Eastern timezone)
Meets 3rd Tuesday of each month
at 5:30pm ET
Cohort B Cities
(Pacific, Mountain, & Central timezones)
Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm PT /6:30pm MT /7:30pm CT
Ann Arbor, MI 
Austin, TX
Atlanta, GA
Bay Area, CA
Cincinnati, OH 
Denver, CO
Cleveland, OH
Memphis, TN
Jacksonville, FL
Milwaukee, WI
Long Island, NY  
New Mexico
Louisville, KY
New Orleans, LA
Pittsburgh, PA
Portland, OR
Prince George's County, MD 
San Luis Obispo, CA
Riverdale, NY   
Seattle, WA
Southeastern Pennsylvania  
South Bay, CA
South Florida 
Southern California
South Jersey, NJ 


Specific dates & times

Sunday sessions (all fellows) are at 10:00am PT/ 1:00pm ET
Tuesday sessions (Cohort A) are at 5:30pm ET
Wednesday sessions (Cohort B) are at 5:30pm PT

September 2021:
All: Sunday, 9/5

October 2021:
All: Sunday 10/3
Cohort A: Tuesday, 10/12
Cohort B: Wednesday, 10/13

November 2021:
All: Sunday, 11/7
Cohort A: Tuesday, 11/16
Cohort B: Wednesday, 11/17

December 2021:
All: Sunday, 12/5
Cohort A: Tuesday, 12/14
Cohort B: Wednesday, 12/15

January 2022:
All: Sunday, 1/9
All: Friday, 1/14- Monday, 1/17 (retreat)*
*In-person retreat pending CDC guidelines regarding travel

February 2022:
All: Sunday, 2/6
Cohort A: Tuesday, 2/15
Cohort B: Wednesday, 2/16

March 2022:
All: Sunday, 3/6
Cohort A: Tuesday, 3/15
Cohort B: Wednesday, 3/16

April 2022:
All: Sunday, 4/3
Cohort A: Tuesday, 4/12
Cohort B: Wednesday, 4/13

May 2022:
All: Sunday, 5/1
Local program culmination celebrations TBD